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Selecting your Immigration Consultant is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. We offer our clients peace of mind by providing them with a professional, personalized, efficient and honest service handled by our experienced Certified Immigration Consultant.  We have a wealth of experience in helping people through the complicated process of immigrating to Canada.

Personalized Service
We understand that every case is unique.  We dedicate the necessary time and resources to thoroughly analyzing all aspects of your application. You can contact our staff whenever a doubt arises.  We can provide assistance in English, French or Spanish.

Specialized Service
Immigration laws and regulations are very broad. We have staff specialized in the different immigration categories in order to provide the best quality service.

Complete Service
We will accompany you throughout the entire application process. You will be able to communicate on a constant basis with our Immigration Consultants in order to prepare your application. We will monitor the status of your application until a positive outcome has been reached.

Efficient Service
One of our goals is to obtain the visa for our clients in the shortest possible time frame. We maximize the use of technology to minimize the response time to your enquiries. We have sufficient staff to handle all of our cases responsibly and carefully.  Many Immigration Consultants, in contrast, work alone and so find it more difficult to give each of their clients such an attentive and comprehensive service.

Experienced Staff
We have a wealth of experience working with different cases in spouse sponsorship, family sponsorship and investor programs as well as helping companies to hire foreign workers by obtaining an LMO and work permits. We have serviced clients in many different countries. We carefully check and comply with the specific requirements of Canadian Visa offices abroad.

We will evaluate your case professionally and honestly. We clearly state your chances of success. We will not create false expectations. Over the years we have had to turn down some cases due to a failure to comply with immigration requirements.

Certified Immigration Consultants
Our Immigration Consultant Roberto Alejandro Castillo can represent you before Citizenship and Immigration Canada or Quebec Immigration for any immigration matter.


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