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If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident over 18 years of age you may sponsor your spouse, common-law / conjugal partner, or dependent children through the Family Class  program so that they can become permanent residents. The application can be made whether they live in Canada or abroad.

In Canada

Spouse or Common-Law Partner living in Canada
You may sponsor a spouse or common-law partner from within Canada. Dependent children can also be sponsored.

Outside Canada

Spouse common-law or conjugal partner

  • Spouses are couples of opposite sex or the same-sex whose marriage is legally valid.
  • A Common-law relationship is a couple either of the opposite sex or same-sex in a relationship for at least one continuous year.
  • A conjugal partner is 16 years of age or older and either of opposite sex or same sex not living together for circumstances beyond their control, it is not only a physical relationship but they should also be dependent of each other.
  • Dependent children can also be sponsored

Things to Consider

  • An incomplete Spouse Sponsorship application can cause unnecessary delays
  • Contradictory information can lead to refusals
  • We can start preparing your Spouse Sponsorship application even before you get married
  • We do not just prepare your Spouse Visa application, but we help you to build a strong case
  • We are immigration experts that can help you to process your visa smoothly. Why risk the future of your beloved spouse?
Call us: 1(866)518-3147 or 1(780)665-3789  or Send us a message


Our services

Full Assistance:

  • Personalized Service: we will guide you step by step on
  • Filling out the Spouse Visa forms ( We will pre-fill the forms with your general information)
  • Checking every document to back up your application
  • Checking for errors, omissions, contradictory information and completeness
  • Anticipating possible problems
  • Preparing you for an Immigration interview if needed
  • Constant communication to answer any question regarding your case
  • Monitoring the progress of your visa application
  • Communication in English, French or Spanish
  • Honesty, you will be informed of your real possibilities of success and possible issues.
  • No hidden fees
  • Representing your Spousal Sponsorship case before Citizen and Immigration Canada
  • All services are provided by Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants


Call us: 1(866)518-3147 or 1(780)665-3789  or Send us a message